Gi2c China Internship Scam Has A Hacker Deleting Online Complaints

I just recently spoke with a former Gi2C employee who confirms that GI2C uses dirty tricks to make themselves look like a squeaky clean operation on line via Cesnorship and SEO. While he himself was hired to write very flattering and favorable reviews to post at Glassdoor, Facebook, and, and spammed all over the internet, a hacker is busy every day deleting complaints against the company online.  See here for some samples of what has been deleted recently:

He also explained that every morning the first thing Yuri does after he pours a cup of coffee is to Censor the Gi2C Facebook page and the company blog.  Any negative comments are immediately deleted.  He once even joked that “My most useful sales tool was the “Delete” button on his keyboard”.

Together with a hacker, Gi2C has managed to delete over 40 complaints from the Internet in the last three months. To learn the truth about Gi2C, here are a few links to help you get started…!-Getin2China-is-the-alias-name-for-Gi2C-China-Internship-Scam


2015 China TEFL, ESL, & AP School & Job Recruiter Blacklist


Nobody likes unpleasant surprises and that is why you are reading this post. Let’s cut to the chase.  You have about a 50% chance of getting ripped off in China. About 30% of the scam artists are NOT Chinese. The more you know BEFORE you upload or send your resume to anyone, the safer you will be friends. Roughly 20% of all China job ads you see on the internet are posted by identity thieves. Another 70% are posted by unlicensed, unregistered, and unethical China job recruiters looking for low-hanging fruit – you – to swindle.  My wife and I lived and worked in China for almost 8 years as educators and are just trying to minimize the carnage.  So to be brief…

If you insist on using an agent or job recruiter you will lose about 25% – 50% of your potential income (See for details) But maybe you don’t know how to find your own job in China?  Not hard at all – all the FAO (Foreign Affairs Officers speak English) and you can get a free list of the white listed schools from the CFTU by sending them an email at whitelist{at}  Don’t let yourself be pressured by any recruiter. There really are no “deadlines” –  foreign teachers are in demand every day in China – if you are qualified.  Current requirements can be obtained from your own embassy, the Chinese government at, or in English here:

To avoid the identity thieves read:

To check out any China job agent or recruiter for free within 15 minutes, read:

To see if your new school or recruiter is blacklisted, read:

CFTU 2013 Deportation Update_1

Why did I include immigration statistics for you above. Focus on that 47% and then read this last link… Enjoy your stay in China and make it a memorable adventure for all the right reasons. Safe journey and best wishes for your teaching career!